This body of work originated in 2009.  It has grown out of earlier sculptural concerns in varied materials that addressed bio-engineering, genetic modification, fashion consumerism, and ecology.  When Minet was invited to make a series of sculptures out of recycled materials for a nightclub in Padova, Italy,  she began assembling these pieces, and the works have developed from small scale sculptures  to large scale installations.

In the “unsustainable creatures” a sense of humor pervades the representation of domesticated animals made from recycled and re-purposed plastic containers and objects, whether laundry detergent bottles or take-home containers for pie. Friends and neighbors contribute their recyclables for use in this ongoing project, and most of the material is culled from dumpsters and thrift-stores.

As if made from and escaping from the landfill, the “creatures” have been displayed with LEDs and optical fibers lighting them both in darkened gallery spaces, in storefront/window installations and in  museums. (please double click on each photo to open)